Pumpkins for Autumn Fall


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Pumpkin Season is here… having lots of fabric remnants I decided to make sustainable pumpkins for the home using fabric found in the Workshop and cutting up the leftovers from projects for filling for a pumpkin with added touch of pumpkin spice.

Our beautiful pumpkins are 8cm wide x 7cm high (small) and 13cm x 9cm (medium) respectively in average made in gingham, washed natural linen, black velvet and orange cotton fabric.

They are each very individual with their own lumps and bumps as any good organic grown pumpkin would grow.

Please choose below which colour and size you would love in the variants section.

We use our pumpkins 13cm ones as doorstoppers in the workshop 🙂 as well as our 8cm pumpkins as a pin cushions by the sewing table. Use them to hold open your recipe books while baking 🙂 We love them.

We hope our pumpkins give you as much joy as they do for us.

Eloise – Ms Claus xx
All designs ©Ms Claus Workshop Co ®️™️


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