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History of the cracker…

We love crackers here at Ms Claus Workshop Co we have them all year round.

The story of the cracker is a simple one of Tom Smith in 1845 designed the first sweet-shaped cracker. The story goes that he was inspired by the French-wrapped sweet bonbon. Using paper as the packaging the sugar-coated almonds and added love motto was wrapped and then sealed by twisting the ends. The bang came along a few years later 1850 and was later added to the cracker 1860. It is lovely to see how such a simple bonbon became the amazing cracker we use today as the festive season. As the tradition started with a love token we will be expanding our range to include all festivities and events.

Here at Ms Claus Workshop Co, we began our cracker journey with my love of making crackers and filling them with all sorts. In 2018 family and friends encouraged me to make them for everyone else as they felt it would help others be more eco-friendly the shops were full of plastic-wrapped crackers and plastic trinkets which all landed in landfills or the kitchen ‘all things drawer’ you know which drawer I am talking about.

The cracker we know of today has not changed much. The only important aspect that has changed is the sustainability of our crackers. We have upscaled the inside instead of plastic trinkets we have filled ours with wildflower seeds for our local habitat here in the UK. For those living elsewhere, we have vegan sweets, doodles with pencils, vegan chocolates and wooden hanging ornaments.

Our cracker is made from recycled paper sourced local paper mill. We cut and roll them by hand making sure each one is perfect. They come bundled with a beautiful hat, joke & trivia card with a packet of seeds. The seeds can be changed to vegan chocolate, sweets or doodles with colouring pencils for those living outside of the UK. Those who do live here can also have these included.

The sweets and chocolate are wrapped in compostable packaging and can be composted straight into your food bin.

We love that our seasonal celebrations are without waste and are sustainable keeping our home clean from plastic and unnecessary waste.

I hope you enjoyed the snippet into the history of the cracker and introduced your family and friends to sustainable alternative crackers for the most beautiful time of the year.

Eloise aka Ms Claus x

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